Aleksandra’s passion for experimentation leads her to continuously explore new combinations of shapes, textures, and colors. Many times, her explorations lead her to invent new techniques to execute her visions, because what she wants to achieve hasn’t been done before. Metalsmiths understand that each metal has a personality — a way it wants to be worked — and it will resist the artist who doesn’t understand its dynamics. So Aleksandra must constantly balance the characteristics of the metal itself with her drive to achieve pure, poetic expression of lines. The result is a dynamic tension that is unique to her work.

One of a Kind

Chain of Mysterious Transformations Brooch

Aleksandra’s one-of-a-kind work is her purest artistic expression. These pieces all center on a main element balanced within a design that serves a purpose as a wearable piece of jewelry but which also must tell a story of elements echoing and supporting one another.

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Recollection Ring

Memories are funny things — bright clear recollections coexist with gaps, and all are woven together with feeling . The Recollection Collection reminds us that the gaps are as important to the fabric of memory as the recollections themselves, and that memories are fluid and lacey. This collection is sterling silver with warm drops of 18 karat gold, representing the warmth of memory with its bright flashes of clarity.

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Fine Line

Winding Breeze Earrings

Soft, feminine lines, gentle like waves, compose this jewelry, which is full of elegant movement. Gold and silver create the perfect metallic flow, while precious gemstones add accents to the show. Blue topaz pours in the freshness of water essence. Black and white pearls glow. This jewelry takes surprising curves, creating fine lines full of peace and harmony.

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Transparent Aftertaste

Summer Drops

These coral-textured jewelry are from Aleksandra Vali’s ”Transparent Aftertaste” Collection. They are perfect for wearing everyday or for a special occasion. They are handmade from sterling silver which is Rhodium Plated to improve tarnish resistance and accented with 22 k gold (Vermeil). Lightweight and easy to wear.

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