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The Moment of Illusion - One of a Kind Brooch & Pendant

Moment of Illusion Brooch & Pendant

I take great pleasure in paying close attention to the technical details of the process and doing some serious analysis. Therefore, I always invent my own jewelry making techniques. I am so curious about how it is possible to do this or that technically that I am happy to dive into the creation of something new. Like any process of nature, the creation of something new must always "mature.” 

This work I conceived to do with the contrast of color and texture. I had an idea in my head about the illusory nature of the world, about how we perceive the same events in different ways, how we interpret them and how we relate. Blue Lapis was very well suited for this with its calm, rounded shape, and deep blue, symbolizing infinity and tranquility. I wanted to create a scorching dynamic contrast with the deep texture of the gold plates. I also planned to add two sapphires, symbolizing the eternal theme of "him and her.” 

For this work, I made several samples from different materials. After all, you can implement the same idea in different ways, for example, use a metal sheet, or use embossing, or cut out a form from wax to cast it in metal, etc. Since I really love casting, I thought about creating a model from wax. In my arsenal I have 16 types of wax and 12 additional materials for creating a model for casting. This is quite a lot and I am proud of such a variety. 

I experimented, I needed plates with soft, rounded edges that were shifted up and down to create a dynamic yet balanced design. In some models, the plates were not soft enough, in others the composition did not suit me, but when creating my fifth model, I knew that everything worked out! But in the process of work, I dropped the Lapis and part of it broke off. This happens with semi-precious stones. And I immediately realized how I wanted to position the sapphires, that is, where they would sit. I took a diamond bur and corrected the Lapis shape. It was a happy accident and a great decision!

This work is a vivid example of my self-expression: I have been looking for a self-sufficient, balanced personality for a long time. I generously share my knowledge, skill and energy with others, but I consider it important to find a balance and not to waste yourself, to be able to replenish strength and get a positive charge.

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