Fine Line

Fine Line Collection

Soft feminine lines, gentle like waves, compose this jewelry, full of elegant movement. Gold & silver create the perfect metallic glow, while finest precious stones accents add to the show. Blue topaz pours in the freshness of water essence. This jewelry takes surprising curves, creating fine lines full of peace and harmony.

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One of a Kind

One of a Kind

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Transparent Aftertaste

Transparent Aftertaste Collection

These coral-textured jewelry are from Aleksandra Vali's ''Transparent Aftertaste'' Collection. They are perfect for wearing everyday or for a special occasion. They are handmade from sterling silver which is Rhodium Plated to improve tarnish resistance and accented with 22 k gold (Vermeil). Lightweight and easy to wear.

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Recollection Collection

We all have those memories that live in our minds as flashes of light that we would never forget. They are embraced by a thin lace layer of feelings. The lace is made of gentle threads of cinnamon smell, warm sun on your back, a voice calling you... Together these threads feed our brightest recollections of the past. Our memories are priceless. 

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Vermeil  22k gold

Vermeil is a French word describing sterling silver that is electroplated with thick plating of 22k gold. This is a chemical process that uses an electrical current to bind the two precious metals together. The Vermeil gold plating contains 3 microns thick of 22 karat gold.

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